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René Francisco, Cuba


Juan Carlos Betancourt (Cuba)
Dr. Serafine Lindemann (artcircolo)

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Intercambio Buena Vista is part of overtures, a transdisciplinary project series by artcircolo.

Intercambio Buenavista Funding
Intercambio Buena Vista stands for an open cooperation process and will be financed by an international community.

The benefits of becoming a sponsor and partner

>> As a sponsor you demonstrate your social responsibility for tomorrow and point out and prove your commitment to social relationships in the context of the future

>> Through the international media coverage you achieve and participate in the multiplier effect.

>> The Intercambio Buenavista project will be accompanied by selected journalists, and the publication of a visual documentation is already planned and scheduled.

>> You will be operating in a team consisting of decision-makers and opinion leaders from the scientific, economic and artistic fields.

>> This future-oriented art project must not be allowed to falter for lack of capital

Which is exactly why we are appealing to you!

The complete restoration of the house, a film documentary and a publication will cost 37.000 € in all.

There are different possibilities for funding the project

1. You can become a sponsor by financing one or several items of the house, for example a window, the entranceway or a wall.

2. You can participate in an exclusive “tour group” (max. 15 people) visiting Habana and support the project by a donation that will be already integrated in your travel costs.
You will have the opportunity to take part in a transdisciplinary on-site workshop with people and key personnel who are well aware of the urgency of this theme.

3. Or you can purchase an exclusive foto edition documenting the entire project from the beginning to the completion of the house.

We invite persons and institutions to join our collaborative team and give us financial assistance!

>> Sponsoring details