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Project organisation

Im Zentrum / V centru is a German-czech initiative of
pilotraum01 e.V., artcircolo, Světakraj z.s., Kulturallmende

Initiators and project management

Dr. Serafine Lindemann, Dr. Zdenka Morávková, Verena Nolte, MgA. Lukáš Morávek


Art projects Castle Park Vlcice / Wildschütz:
Lucia Dellefant (DE), Kalle Laar (DE), Jan Albert Šturma (Liberec/CZ), Künstlergruppe REZ (CZ), local students

Readings Georgs-Hall:
Radka Denemarková (Praha/CZ), Radek Fridrich (Deěčín/CZ), Werner Fritsch (Berlin/DE), Hans-Peter Kunisch (Berlin/DE), Kateřina Tučková (Brno/CZ)

Anton Petz (DE), Sebastian Weise (DE)

Performance by Frank Sauer (München/DE) and Lukás Morávek (Jeseník/CZ) in cooperation with the music school Jesenik

Bratři Orffové (Krnov/CZ), Thomas Maos (DE), Lukás Morávek (Zalesi/CZ), Almela (Praha/CZ)

Performance in Zalesi / Waldek:
Manuela Hartel (DE) in cooperation with REZ (CZ)

CZ: Jan Albert Šturma, REZ, Ivan Kafka, Lucie Fryčová, Filip Raif, Lenka Kerdová, Kateřina Tučková, Jaroslav Rudiš, Jaromir 99, Petr Linhart, J99, Almea und Lukáš Morávek.
DE: Lucia Dellefant, Kalle Laar, Anton Petz, Frank Sauer

Im Zentrum - Jeseníky / Altvater Region art, literature and music festival.

A German-Czech initiative in art and culture.

Together with locals and contemporary witnesses (German as well as Czech), artists, writers and musicians open up a space for encounters and meetings in the Jeseníky / Altvater region.

The festival events defy categories while embracing all generations and focus on the history of the border region until the displacement of the German-speaking population, that has been repressed until very recently.

Taking as a starting point villages of former austrian Silesia once flourishing but now insignificant, German and Czech artists, writers and musicians shed some light on that special border region and its history with a view to the future.

The performance space is situated in a region once playing a central role in middle-european history, but remains a white spot on the map, especially for younger generations.

The prelude Im Zentrum 2016 manifested the great interest of German and Czech participants and visitors alike to re-explore the cultural identity and knowledge about this century-old German-Czech neighbourship.

In the years ahed a network of the many festival participants will continue to explore and open new possibilities of German-Czech collaborations.
Im Zentrum Festival 2018 Exhibition
Im Zentrum Festival 2017 program poster
Im Zentrum Festival 2016 film trailer

Publication: Was hören wir wenn es still ist. Handeln abseits des Mainstreams.
What we hear when it it is quiet. Off-mainstream acting.
Essay von Serafine Lindemann ⇒ Aviso 2017 pdf

Im Zentrum Festival 1.-3. 6. 2017

Festival 2017 film trailer