Since 1989 Dr. phil. Serafine Lindemann, curator and initiator of the art platform artcircolo, is creating projects in international and experimental art, dialogue and exhibition programs, predominantly focusing on the issues water, ressources, cultural identities and social processes of change.

A key aspect of her work is the development of concepts and intercultural projects involving experts from art and culture, science and environment, technology and economy- realised for instance in China, Eritrea, Russia, Cuba and Europe.

Excellent references are the cultural festival Im Zentrum in the Altvater region (CZ) and the event series overtures, presented at many important international art festivals like the Ars Electronica in Linz (AT), Transmediale in Berlin (DE), the Venice (IT) and Havana (CU) biennials.

In 2009 Serafine Lindemann founded the association pilotraum01 together with experts in technology and communication, industrial design and glacier research, art and biology. She is co-responsible for the association’s arts and cultural programme.


Was hören wir wenn es still ist
Handeln abseits des Mainstreams.
What we hear when it it is quiet.
Off-mainstream acting.
Essay von Serafine Lindemann
Aviso 2017 pdf

Dem Gletscher beim Sterben lauschen.
Listen to the glacier dying.
Münchner Feuilleton, 2017 pdf

Wasser ist schlau
Ein Paradigma für künstlerische Strategien, gesellschaftlichen Wandel und kulturelle Identitäten.
Water is smart. An art strategy paradigm for social change and cultural identity.

⇒ Aviso 2013 pdf

Weimarer Visionen 2013 | Dr. Serafine Lindemann gets the Amalia-Award for New Thinking in Culture


Current Projects & Concepts

20. bis 22. September 2019


After the successful Jeseníky/Altvater Festival of Art, Literature and Music, the german-czech art and cultur initiative 2018 , in September 2019 awaits us again a divers program including art, music, literature and lectures - this time in the ditrict town of Jesenik/Freiwaldau. 

Opening 16. and 17. October 
FOG Sound Space

A project by Kalle A. Laar in the Antiatlas Mountains in Morocco

Vinyl Culture – Contemporary History on Record

Exhibition and publication | How the vinyl reflects the devolopment of the society in the 2nd half of the 20.c. ⇒ pdf