__OVERTURES_news.__//__September 2008
OVERTURES at the ars electronica Linz // 4. - 9. September
OVERTURES – Conclusions of a North-South expedition on the topic of water
2006 Iceland . 2007 The Alps (Italy, Austria and Germany), Turkey . 2008 Spain

This years 3rd Overtures project is coming up with new prospects for the way mankind deals with water. The international project staff´s caravan set off from Iceland in 2006 and headed south through Europe to conduct onsite research in the Alps, Turkey and Spain. At the 2008 Ars Electronica Festival, project staffers will present preliminary conclusions that can be drawn from this long-term experiment.
In the year 2000, reacting to early signs, the art forum artcircolo started its project series OVERTURES – a future-oriented research endeavour into the global perception of water. Right from the start, the mode of operation has been a new kind of collaboration between artists, curators, technologist, scientists, industry and media experts. Looking at the outcomes of all possible and probable scenarios that reflect not only our past, but also our present and future behaviour, OVERTURES formulates novel alternatives for dealing water that are presented to society in the form of open proposals for action. The continuous flow of information between interdisciplinary partners results works of art in resonance with the ecologically transformed significance of this resource – an art that questions and comments on the impact that dramatic climate change and our lifestyles have on water reserves, natural habitats and society.
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Overtures presentation // Pfarrplatz // 4. - 9. September // 10 - 21

_Agua Benita // René Francisco, Cuba
_Overtures Filmdocumentation // Frank Sauer, D

Pfarrplatz // 10 - 21 - Former Farmland // Wapke Feenstra, NL

Ethic Works. Are ethics good?
Technology, economy and art in dialog

Under the direction of Bernd Wiemann (Vodafone R&D) and the amina foundation with Jurij Poelchau and others, the 3rd installment of Overtures aims not only to carry on its water-themed journey of discovery, but also to contribute to this year topic of ars electronica “New culture Economy”.

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From the vast collection of The Temporary Soundmuseum dj Kalle Laar presents a selection of political, spiritual philosophical and other records of Karl Jaspers, Pharoah Sanders, Malcolm X and Noam Chomsky, Last Poets and Captain Beefheart, Romano Guardini, Kanye West: The Ethic Disco.
An imaginary discourse on vinyl, a live-radio-play, sound cinema or sound museum.
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ars Foyer at the Bruckner Haus // 6. September // 12 - 14
_Transdisciplinary dialogue of economy, science, art and culture
_djkl & The Temporary Soundmuseum : Ethic Disco // 14

Art University Linz / K2 // 7. September // 14 - 16
Public Business Ethics Workshop “Are ethics good?”
djkl at Tonspur Klangpark // 8. - 9. September // 09:00 - 22:00 // Donaupark
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Overtures artists 2006 - 2008
The international artists participated in the expedition temporarily in different manners:
exhibitions, presentations, documentations and discussion contributions

Natnaran Bualoy, Thailand - Orhan Cem Çetin, Turkey - Silvia Erdem, Turkey - Wapke Feenstra, Netherlands - René Francisco, Cuba - Genco Gülan, Turkey - Kalle Laar, Germany - Local Style, USA - Gaston Ramirez, Italy - Martin & Sicilia, Spanien - Nipan Oranniwesna, Thailand - Finnbogi Petursson, Iceland - Rúrí, Iceland - Silver & Hanne Rivrud, Norway

Overtures Curatoren
Curators from Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, South America, Thailand and Turkey
presented art positions and projects from their countries, working on the topic of wate:

Juan Carlos Betancourt, Cuba. Art historian, author and curator of exhibitions and projects with international artists, 9th Biennale of Havana, among others
Ark Fongsmut, Thailand. Lecturer at the University of Bangkok, free curator for the International Photo-Biennale Thailand, among others
Marcus Graf, Turkey. Expert in Art and Cultural Science. Art director and curator of Siemens Sanat, Under Construction and AViVA Art Program, Istanbu
Serafine Lindemann, Germany. Free curator for international and experimental art projects. Initiator of OVERTURES and founder of the art forum artcircolo
Marianne Maasland, Netherlands. Art historian, initiator and organizer of international art projects
Christian Schoen, Iceland. Curator and director of the Center of Icelandic Art (CIA.IS) Reykjavik. Superintendant of the Icelandic pavilion/ Biennale Venice, 2007. Member of the advisory board and committee of the Art Museum Reykjavik

Overtures is an art project by artcircolo in partnership with
Vodafone GROUP R&D
Commission for Glaciology of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities