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Kalle Laar

Calling the Glacier nominated for the Prix Green for Environmental Art

As part of the 2nd Biennial 01SJ Global Festival of Art on the Edge (San Jose, CA, June 4 – 8, 2008), ZERO1 will award the 01SJ Prix Green for Environmental Art, sponsored by Salas O’Brien Engineers, to an outstanding work of art that creatively uses technology to support or reflect on environmentalism or sustainability.

The Prix Green will recognize a work that uses new technologies to carry a strong artistic concept for engaging with environmental issues, developing or transforming ecological models, or encouraging concrete action in the area of environmentalism or sustainability.

The winner of the Prix Green will be flown in to receive the award at the opening ceremony of the 01SJ Global Festival of Art on the Edge in San Jose, CA, on Wednesday, June 4, 2008.

We are proud to announce that Calling the Glacier has been nominated for this award, along with several other artists.

The jurors are Geoff Bowker, Director and Regis and Dianne McKenna Professor, Center for Science, Technology and Society, Santa Clara University, Rudolf Frieling, Curator of Media Arts, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Christiane Paul, Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts, Whitney Museum of American Art.

The 2nd Biennial 01SJ Global Festival of Art on the Edge is North America’s newest and largest festival of digital arts, and a great deal more. From a hip hop, multi-media meditation on Antarctica to robot art, from conversations with artificial intelligence to operatic performances of Google headlines about the environment, from avant-garde cinema to new musical forms - well over 100 artworks, performances, screenings, talks, and workshops will be featured at 01SJ. Festival organizers expect it to be a perspective-altering experience that entertains, enlightens, educates and involves attendees in a new understanding of our changing world.

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