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15 Jahre Calling the Glacier

15 years age a direct telephone line to the Austrian Vernagtferner glacier was established and presented at the Venice Biennial. It is still working.


Im Zentrum 2022 - Jeseníky / Altvater Festival Of ArT, Literature And MusiC..

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Im Zentrum 2021 - Jeseníky / Altvater Festival Of ArT, Literature And MusiC..

ReStART: Träume und Räume, Orte und Wege

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Eritreas einzigartige Musik – Wie Songs die Geschichte des Landes erzählen (Eritrea's Unique Music - How songs tell it's history)

Radio Feature by Kalle Aldis Laar Bayerischer Rundfunk 2020 
Developed out of the project "My Eritrea"

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Altvater Im Zentrum / V Centru zu Gast im GhettoFest Brno - Brünn

Herta Exhibition / Vystava: Filip Raif

Film documentary: Herta - Flucht, Heimkehr, Versöhnung (Exodus, homecoming, reconciliation)
Document: Utek, návrat, smírení: Herta Lindemannová se vrací domú Director/Rezie: Frank Sauer

Katerina Tuckova in conversation with Serafine Lindemann and Zdenka Moravkova
diskuze s Katerinou Tuckovou, Serafine Lindemann a Zdenkou Morávkovou

Poradatel/Organizer: Women of Jeseníky

see documentary film


Im Zentrum 2019 - Jeseníky / Altvater Festival Of ArT, Literature And MusiC.

Im Zentrum is a german-czech art and culture initiative. Artists, writers and musicians together with local talent generate a meeting space in the Jeseníky/Altvater region, rediscovering the former Sudetenland from a cultural point of view.
Im Zentrum


Soundscape Fog - Morocco

In the Anti-Atlas mountains of Morocco the largest Fog-Water terrain worldwide was opened in Oktober 2018. 31 CloudFisher constructions provide 16 Berber villages (about 1.150 people) with drinking water for the first time ever. On peak days, the fog collectors harvest up to 80.000 litres of WHO qualified potable water!

Artist Kalle Aldis Laar was invited to contribute to the project and started to work on a sound installation, inspired by the environment and the special weather conditions – resulting in an unique on-site composition: the sound of the fog.

Im Zentrum - Festival 2018

A German-Czech initiative in art and culture.

Together with locals and contemporary witnesses (German as well as Czech), artists, writers and musicians open up a space for encounters and meetings in the Jeseníky / Altvater region. 

The festival events defy categories while embracing all generations and focus on the history of the border region until the displacement of the German-speaking population, that has been repressed until very recently.
Im Zentrum

Festival DoCumentation "Im Zentrum" At the Haus des Deutschen Ostens in Munich

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Im Zentrum

A german-czech initiative in art and culture. Artists, writers and musicians create a space for future oriented encounters in the region of Jeseníky / Altvater and rediscover the former Sudetenland from a cultural point of view.

The point of departure for the events that cross borders of genres and generations is the history of the border region up until the expulsion of the german-speaking population, pushed aside until now.
Im Zentrum


Calling the Glacier |

Sound installation by Kalle Laar |Part of overtures 3 | 52. Biennale di Venezia | Mobile Journey | Venice International University

10 Years Calling the Glacier


Wo mÖchte ich beerdigt werden?

Where would I like to be burried? |
A project on cultural identities.

"Where would I like to be burried?" asks for the location to which I have a lasting afterlife emotional bond. A place that offers some safeness regarding my beliefs or thinking about the people I left behind.


Here is the climat! Call me!

Art-project by Kalle Laar presented at the 9. Munich Klimaherbst (Climate Autumn Event Series) and in the public space of Munich.

vamos a ver...

A visit to Havanna and München -
artists in dialogue.
Joaquin Cabrera, Zhenia Couso Martell, Lucia Dellefant, René Francisco, Jorge Pablo Lima, Anton Petz, Victor Piverno. Galerie arToxin, 24. - 30. Juli 2015

Historia Mundial del Agua

22.-28. Mayo 2015
XII Bienal de La Habana
Ciclo Cycle - Zhenia Couso Martell (Cuba) & fairdrop - Lucia Dellefant (Germany).A project of Serafine Lindemann and Juan Carlos Betancourt, supported by pilotraum01 e.V.


Eritrea - Far-Away Country And Colonial Heritage |

Solomon Tsehaye, poet, oral history researcher (Asmara) and sound artist Kalle Laar present their Eritrea projects.


Sustainable destination development - in Partnership with Art and CulturE - In view of the changes in society, ecology and economy

workshop "Infiniti Heritage" Mostar in partnership with University of Sarajevo, pdf

Sustainable Destination Development with Art and Culture as Partners – an Experiment? Artikel von Dr. Serafine Lindemann in adventuretravelnews

Das RÄtsel des ÜberflÜssigen |

Encounters with art and consumers | part of Klimaherbst München | in cooperation with pilotraum01 e.V. GCN, DantonDenkRaum | - Rindermarkt Munich | Contributions by Lucia Dellefant, Kalle Laar, Peter Ludwig, Stephanie Senge, Tamiko Thiel, Sylvia Winkler & Stephan Köperl, AIDS, Michael Heindl, REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT

Transformation: Munich (Lehel) by Tamiko Thiel at the UNPAINTED media Art fair- Munich |

16 – 20 January 2014 | We are presenting the AR-project by Tamiko Thiel, that we developed in 2012 with scientists and citizens as a pilot project, first shown as part of overtures ZeitRäume at the St. Lukas Church | more

UNPAINTED is an international platform for galleries, institutions and artists, presenting projecte basied on new technologies. More then 50 international participants delivering an insight into New Media Art | more



Eritrea | Artists, designers and curators develop together with physicians, technologists, the Water Foundation and Eritrean experts an on-going intercultural dialog and projects in Eritrea.



Travelling exhibition on behalf of the Federal Governement of Germany
Film on the exhibition Climate - Change - Minds
Exhibition info, pdf
Info by the GIZ | German Society for International Cooperation

fairdrop -  face the fact and act!

The fairdrop modul by Lucia Dellefant represents an artistic Intervention, focusing on "virtual water" in public space.  

In collaboration with Serafine Lindemann and scientist Nico Grove


passage 2011 |

an actionistic, transalpine drama, enacted by Wolfgang Aichner and Thomas Huber


overtures ZeitRäume 2010-2013

A transdisciplinary research into the future of urban space in participation with artists, scientists and citizens

overtures ZeitRäume 2011
Kickoff in Munich | 4 Elements + 1 Symposium

The first event started with the symposium Desire for Future, Change, and How to Admit Failure including art, lectures and design projects | ars electronica | Linz, Austria | 2010
video ars electronica 'Montagsgespräch', panel initiated by leading austrian newspaper 'Der Standard'


Intercambio Buena Vista |

the second project by René Francisco, after Agua Benita | artcircolo

Calling the Glacier | continued


United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15, 14. December 2009) |

overtures is presenting two artists films: Calling the Glacier by Kalle Laar (D) and Agua Benita by René Francisco (Cuba) at the Development & Climate (D&C) Days film festival | Koncerthuset (The Concert House) Copenhagen | Organised by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).

Digital Arts and Culture Conference 2009 (DAC09):

after media, embodiment and context | University of California, Irvine | branch 'Environment - sustainability - climate change' | Kalle Laar | Call me! | Paper published in: Proceedings of the DAC09 Conference


Klimaherbst München 2009 / Climate Autumn Munich |

overtures Cultural areas in post-fossil times | An open transdisciplinary forum concentrating on presentations and discussions on the topic of energy.

10. Art Biennial Havana, Cuba |

part of overtures 4 | with artists René Francisco and Kalle Laar

Transmediale Berlin | Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Overtures 4 | Ethic Works,

amina Foundation, Kalle Laar: ars electronica Linz | newsletter

Former Farmland |

a project by Wapke Feenstra | uses many levels of personal experiences to shed some light on how we treat our local cultural heritage as well as how we act in a mobile and globally cross-linked world | initiated by overtues 3

Water Story / Vocal - V and Changing Waters |

Video installation and Performance by Rúrí (Island) | pdf