projects 1989-2006   Projects 2007-2018


overtures ENVIRONMENTAL OFFICE | part of overtures 3 with artists Kalle Laar, Rúrí and Silver & Hanne Rivrud at the ars electronica 2007 Linz

Calling the Glacier | sound installation by Kalle Laar | part of overtures 3 | 52. Biennale di Venezia | Mobile Journey | Venice International University

2006 - 2008

overtures | North South Expedition about climate change and water. 2006: Iceland, 2007 the Alps and Turkey, 2008: Spain

2006 - 2007

As if we were alone | New spaces in the public: a film project by Empfangshalle, Filmfest München in Munich and ars electronica in Linz, Mobile Journey/ 52. Biennale in Venice


Song fuer C | A deceptive mystery for mobile telephones by M+M, Filmfest München in Munich and ars electronica in Linz. Cooperation Partners Vodafone Group Research & Development Germany, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Zurich

Interzon@s | Monika Grzymala invited by Interzon@s: an European meeting including exhibitions, conferences and discussions on the subject “crossing the borders of the media in the current young art”, Zaragoza


A soft whisper | by the Dutch pair of artists A.P. Komen/ Karen Murphy in Amsterdam

Produkt-Art - Landgang | A cooperative project with Erdgas Münster and the academy of fine arts of Braunschweig in Munster

Overtures on water| An exhibition in the city of Munich by artists coming from Benin, China, Germany, Finland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway and Slovenia


Overtures Carbon Club | Shaburov and Valio Tchencov, Reithalle in Munich

2003 - 2004

Produkt-Art 3 | A cooperative project with Erdgas Münster and the academy of fine arts of Münster, in Münster, Nordhorn and Bramsche

Psychofone | An interactive light installation by Sabine Gross in Munich


Lautgesten | piece of art consisting of words by Georg Trenz in Munich

Standing Ovation | A video installation by Jakub Moravek in Ottobrunn

2002 - 2003

Overtures Carbon Club | Workshops in Moskow and Munich together with Russian and German artists, technologists and scientists

2001 - 2002

Overtures about water | Colloquium and exhibition in the city of Gelsenkirchen and Buer with artists from Germany, Finland, Cuba, Norway, Zimbabwe and Ukraine


2115 km | Contemporary art from Bavaria, Museum Modern Art, Moscow

Fjodor in Vegas | An installation with sound by M+M, dialogue ”art and workplace”,

Workingspace | 5 Ohio Artists, Rathausgalerie, Munich

Reformer | Reformer by Georg Trenz and Mobile Porch by Kathrin Böhm and Stefan Saffer, within the frame of the “High-Tech-Tag Bayern”, Ottobrunn

1999 - 2000

Business to Business | Interactions together with Kathrin Böhm and Stefan Saffer, Munich

Piazza | Art surrounding the house of literature


Contemporary Art | Contemporary art from Bavaria, National Museum Kiew

1997 - 1998

CONTEMPORARY ART | Contemporary art from Bavaria, Art Gallery Jinan, Shanghai Art Gallery, National Gallery Beijing

Meeting in Beijing | Meeting in Beijing with artists from and Peking


Pavilons | Pavilions – unusual locations, contemporary art on 10 sites in the city of Munich


China | China– new productions coming out from 15 studios, Reithalle/ Alte Kaserne



AKTUELLE KUNST | Contemporary art for the Imperialwerke in Bünde (Germany) by the artists Conny Siemsen, Werner Mally, Eva Ruhland, Sabine Frank, Gloria Gans, Michael Eckle, Herbert Nauderer, Günter Stöber, Andrej Barov, Jai-Young Park

1993 - 1997

München - Melnik | Czech and international artists are shown in exhibitions between 1993–1997 in the castle of Melnik near Prague – a crosscultural interchange between art, economy and society
1993 | 1994 CZ | 1994 DE | 1995 | 1997


HERMANN J KASSELl | Installations and objects in the pavilion of the old botanical gardens


Peter Frisch | Wood sculptures in the pavilion of the old botanical gardens,

Diri Strauch | Pictures and objects (1976–1991) in the pavilion of the old botanical gardens,


PETER SCHERMULY | Abstract Structures in a New Realism (painting), Tretjakov Gallery, Moscow; Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

William McElcheran (1927-1998) | Businessmen Sculptures


Lagerhalle | Installation, pictures, objects, photography; Marienstraße 8


Julius Hüther | Exhibition in  memory of the artist in in the pavilion of the old botanical gardens